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Mighty Supply Chain Attack Compromises Over 380,000 Websites: What You Need to Know


In a major supply chain attack, it was discovered that almost 380000 websites have been hit and many well-known brands such as, Warner Bros, Hulu, Mercedes-Benz, Pearson, and many more. What happened was an injected malware, a way to take complete control of visitor’s browser and make them visit phishing sites, or otherwise serve various nefarious purposes using the widely used and easily exploited JavaScript library.

Scope of the Attack:

The attack is said to have affected well over 380,000 websites, considered the largest supply chain attack in history. These include the entertainment and media industries as well as the e-commerce industries.

The Attacker:

This attack is said to have been conducted by Funnull, a Chinese company that got in the list of acquisitions in February of 2024. The threat has been identified in June two thousand, and the subsequent analysis revealed that there might be other domains connected to it.


The injected code could lead the users a honey pot site or simply siphon off user information like user accounts and financial details. This is dangerous to the users who have visited the affected websites, and continue to do so without knowing. It could also offer users links to other sites that are fake, or so corrupt the site so that it steals user’s login details and any other financial details entered into the site. This is a big risk to users who have somehow been in touch with the infected websites.


Here is a breakdown of the timeline of events:Here is a breakdown of the timeline of events:

  • February 2024: This activity scans through Funnull acquires
  • June 2024: Security researchers find Data diddling injected in
  • June 28, 2024: Domain registrar Namecheap blocks the key domain and a backup domain
  • July 2024: In this case, Censys discovers a connection of possibly related domains.

Further Concerns:

Security experts also said that the attack may not be an isolated incident other domains may also be compromised for like activities. This underlines the supply chain security threats and emphasizes on the fact that website owners should pay attention to the third-party libraries.


Website owners should start doing something about their sites and people who visit them in order to reduce the main goal of such hackers and malicious attackers. Here are some recommendations:

  • Verify if your site is connected to other domains of questionalble credibility
  • Recommended to swap out Polyfill links for a safer version
  • Ensure that the current updates to your website and third party libraries are security patched.
  • Be looking for any signs of intrusion with your website.

The same applies to websites that the users are perusing; there should be keen observation especially when redirected to sites that are uncomfortable.


The supply chain attack is indeed a bitter lesson that supply chain security should not be a joke at all. Owners of websites need to be vigilant and do all they can to prevent such scams on their websites and for users. This is because by getting these awareness and its news and by ensuring that we take all the foregoing precautions, we can collectively make the online community to be a safer one.

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